Where Human Life is Cheap! And Mystery and Intrigue are a way of life! Round up the Usual Suspects, and bring them to Rick’s Cafe Canadien. Where anything might happen!…even…Murder Most Moroccan!

“If you miss this one: “You’ll regret it… maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon… and for the rest of your life!”

The intrigue begins when a cast of colourful characters is introduced around dessert time. As guests become familiar with their new dinner companions, the plot thickens, when one of them dies! A detective leads the investigation; the suspects are spread throughout the room sitting right amongst the dinner guests. Can you solve this whodunit challenge and deduce who the perpetrator is?

Chef Justine Voutt of Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre invites guests to a scrumptiously stimulating evening of Murder in Casablanca! 

This ‘killer’ four-course dinner features Moroccan inspired dishes including bessara, lamb kefta kabob, baklava and other mouth-watering options. 

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