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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this?

Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre is a professional theatre company offering custom and private mysteries to suit any need and occasion! We specialize in comedic murder mysteries and have been performing original shows for over 30 years, having made our debut at the historic Fairmont Royal York Hotel, moving to the Mysteriously Yours Theatre on Younge and Davisville, and most recently performing at the fabulous Chelsea Hotel, downtown. 

Is this suitable for the workplace?

Yes! We provide clean, fun entertainment perfect for company parties, team building, conferences, etc. We do not use foul language or have inappropriate content. Our shows are suitable for all times of day or evening, from luncheon on-site office events to corporate destination gala dinners.

What happens at a mystery show? How does it work?

Typical performances begin during cocktails or appetizers when you are introduced to the cast and theme of the show. Characters mingle with guests and visit tables to set the scene. Then, someone you’ve just met dies or a body is found and a detective is called in to investigate! Throughout dinner he leads the questioning but you get to question them as well because they’re spread throughout the room, sitting at the tables with you.
Clue sheets and pencils are available at your table to help track the clues and figure out whodunit! It’s a lot of fun and great for any event – what occasion isn’t made better by a little murder?!

Do I have to participate or do any acting?

You can participate as little or as much as you’d like. You’re welcome to simply sit back and be entertained or you can get involved- question the suspects, keep track of the clues, see if you can figure out “whodunit?”! All our mysteries are solvable and you will have enough information to solve the mystery by the time ballots are passed out, usually right before dessert. Tell us who you think the murderer is and why. From the correct ballots, we draw winners! 

Children and/or Teens?

Children and teens are welcome but please be advised that our mysteries are written for adults. We recommend them for 10 year olds and up and although we’re sure they are very well behaved, we do not allow infants or children under 6 years old.



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