Killer Weekend in Toronto

Detroit Free Press

Abundant energy and good humour; acted with enthusiasm and commitment… I had a good time!

Robert Crews

CFRB Radio

Chock full of laughs. Audience participation is a key to the success

Joey Cee

Toronto Hot Spots

Definitely recommend it! More fun than most of the shows in town!!

Richard Ouzounian

CBC Radio

Mysteriously Yours is money well spent. The highly professional performance, coupled with a tasty meal makes for a delightful evening out.

Phyllis Schwager

Entertainment Toronto

…intelligent convoluted plots…plenty of audience interaction… moving at a lively clip…

Anne Kelly

Toronto Tonight Magazine

Hilarious Whodunit

Dottie O'Neil

Toronto STar

…well written… plenty of laughs… an intriguing, convoluted plot… an enjoyable evening guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Greg Coate

The Mirror

Corporate Client Quotes

…I received nothing but great reviews from our participants who truly enjoyed themselves…I certainly would recommend Mysteriously Yours to anyone planning a fun evening!

Phyllis Kelsey

Canon Canada Inc.<br />

The arrangements: Perfect. The show: Perfect. Everyone had a fabulous time

Joey Cee

Toronto Hot Spots

Unqualified praise… an evening of uproarious laughter… a most enjoyable evening.

Nicole Rivkin

Amram’s Distributing Ltd.<br />

It was really creative how you fit humorous comments about the finance managers into the mystery.

Annette Shaw<br />

IBM Canada Ltd.<br />

To the Mysteriously Yours Cast, our sincere appreciation for your efforts and your truly remarkable and individual talents.

Barrie Eon, Ont. Refrig’n & Air Condition’g Contractors Assoc<br />

Refrig’n & Air Condition’g Contractors Assoc

…extremely professional and talented… Mysteriously Yours Inc. turned what has been in the past a very conservative and reserved occasion into a light- hearted and fun evening full of laughter and intrigue

Nancy Rebuli

Bombay Co.

Many of us have not laughed that hard in a long time… the highlight of the entire year

Ingrid Schmidt<br />

Grand Blanc Business Assoc.<br />

What could have been a routine dinner was transformed into a marvelous evening of fun and laughter.

T.N. Hutchins<br />

Northern Telecom Cda<br />

We particularly appreciated the way you were able to put our office manager and supervisor under suspicion.

Judy Belcourt<br />

American Express<br />

It was such a happy night due to the humorous and ‘distinguished’ cast.

Mary Scobie<br />

Tamrock Loaders<br />

The cast did an excellent job involving our entire group and keeping everyone laughing

Richard White

Eli Lilly Canada Inc.<br />

…our best even ever

Jenni A Groves-Morris<br />

Arkwright Mutual Insurance Company<br />

–a flawless performance. A wonderful and unforgettable time was had by all.

Julia Dawkins<br />

Dairy Queen Canada Inc.<br />

The praise was fulsome and well deserved. I was very impressed with the standards and flexibility of your cast.

Max McLaughlin<br />

Cdn Auto. Leasing Assoc.<br />


Carol Castella<br />

Ontario Hospital Association<br />

The Public Say

Tonight’s presentation was great. I’ve been to many Mystery Dinners… this is the first one with good food & a good show. Great Job!

Sarah Cornett<br />

Fairfield, OH<br />

Excellent, exciting, enthusiastic, eventful, enjoyable, & most of alI… Fun!

Ben Squires<br />

Toronto, ON<br />

Bravo!! You are all excellent!!

Joanne Blanchard<br />

Barrie, ON<br />

Excellent! I would tell everyone visiting Toronto to check this out.

Matt Hoover

Tiffin, OH<br />

A must see!

Kevin Haler<br />

Grimsby, ON<br />

This is hilariously funny. I also enjoyed interacting with the characters. I wish we had a place like this in South Carolina.

Lauren Massa

Simpsonville, SC<br />

Great presentation. I liked the audience participation – A real hoot!

Irene Rosiechi<br />

Toronto, ON

Super time!! We’ll definitely be back many more Times.

Paul Sadlon Jr.<br />

Bradford, ON<br />

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